Aquatic Assessments & Post-Assessment Training

Take part in one-on-one pool sessions with an experienced and certified aquatic professional that can help you develop an individualized aquatic exercise plan unique to your needs. Injuries and health conditions will be evaluated as you learn safe and effective aqua skills to feel confident exercising on your own, in continued sessions, or when joining an aqua class community. A great place to start if you're new to water fitness!


On-Land Personal Coaching

Experience strength building on-land workouts using a variety of unique movements for a functional approach to exercise. Able to meet the needs of active older adults to young kids, Tina is currently joining Sierra Dator, MSW, LCSW to teach Wise Girl Workshops that help girls gain self-awareness and confidence through movement. Contact Sierra at for more information. 


About Tina Parrish

Tina is an AEA certified Water Fitness Professional and NASM certified Personal Trainer able to collaborate with physical therapists and other mind/body professionals to address specific needs for an integrative approach to your wellbeing. Under her coaching and expertise, you will experience improvements to your everyday mobility and chronic health challenges such as degenerative conditions, injuries, and metabolic disorders like diabetes and high blood pressure.


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Get Moving Today!

I am located in Petaluma, California. My aquatic services are currently offered at the Mill Valley Community Center located at 180 Camino Alto in Mill Valley, California. Send me a message to set up a session or learn more!

Tina Parrish, Land & Water Personal Trainer

(415) 827-6895